It is with great pleasure that we announce the merger of Launch Education Group and ArborBridge – two sister companies that are now united under the banner of ‘ArborBridge!’

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What is Launch Education Group and what does the merger mean?

Prior to ArborBridge’s inception in 2011, its founders, Tim Urban and Andrew Finn, created Launch Education Group. Since 2007, Launch has provided premium in-home academic tutoring and test preparation to thousands of students in Los Angeles and New York City.

By incorporating Launch Education Group, ArborBridge is now even better-equipped to serve its families. Launch’s sensitivity to learning differences, its unique brand of academic mentorship, and its successful ISEE and SSAT programming will now be suffused into ArborBridge’s instructional model. Additionally, Launch’s tutoring programs for young children – Essential Skills for Reading and Writing – are now available to ArborBridge students.

For more about the history of ArborBridge and Launch Education Group, check out our FAQ.

Will the merger affect the staff at ArborBridge?

As a result of the merger, ArborBridge will inherit Launch’s most talented tutors and directors. We welcome you to visit the About Us section of the website to meet the newest members of our team!

What if I have more questions?

We are here for you! Either send us an email at [email protected] or click one of the ‘Contact Us’ buttons on the website. One of our directors will get back to you soon.

We hope you share in our excitement for the future. With Launch’s incorporation, ArborBridge is at the cusp of a new age of education; one that can more fully realize the potential of 21st century learners!

Warm Regards,

The ArborBridge Team