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A Counselor’s Guide to SAT & ACT Accommodations

How To: Overcome Common Student Weaknesses on the ACT

The Definitive Guide to Requesting SAT Accommodations

The Definitive Guide to Requesting ACT Accommodations

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Student Types and their Testing Experiences

We cover common student types and the important differences in their standardized testing experiences.

ArborBridge’s Guides to ACT Self Prep

Our Self Prep guides walk students through an effective five-step process to each section of the ACT.

The Breaking Barriers Blog Series

Read our four-part blog series on overcoming common barriers to learning.

The SAT vs. ACT Score Converter

A simple tool to see how your SAT/ACT scores convert to the other test, respectively.

Applying AP/IB Courses to SAT Subject Tests

How much content and strategy can you take away from your AP/IB classes?

Inside the SAT Subject Tests: Tips, Tricks & More

An in-depth look at each Subject Test, plus tips from the experts on how to ace the test.

Guide to 2018 U.S. State Testing

Find out which states require which tests (SAT, ACT, both, etc.) with our interactive map.

At-A-Glance Guide to ACT/SAT Concordance

A quick, downloadable guide to comparing your SAT or ACT scores to the other test, respectively.

The SAT vs. the ACT: A Comparison Chart

We broke down each test’s content and formatting in this handy guide—what’s similar and what’s different?

“ArborBridge was truly a significant factor in my road to being accepted to my dream university. The hours spent together with my tutor, Jodie, systemized the preparation process for the SAT and exposed me to various uncharted strategies and techniques, which facilitated towards a constant improvement in my overall score. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Jodie, who created a very warm, but motivating learning environment during our lessons and was always thorough and clear while not only correcting my mistakes, but also making sure I have developed the important skills not to repeat them.”

Povilas K., Lithuania (now attends University of Pennsylvania)