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No matter where your school is located or how busy your students’ calendars, ArborBridge delivers the best tutors on earth via dynamic, 1-on-1 sessions online—entirely customized to meet an individual’s needs and schedule. We’re there when you need and your students need us, day or night, on every continent. 

With ArborBridge, counselors, teachers, and administrators can focus on the things that matter most.

We take care of the test.

1-on-1 vs. Classroom

Research shows that the average student needs only 30% of a given test-prep classroom program, which amounts to 12 hours of wasted time over the span of an 18-hour course. At ArborBridge, industry-leading diagnostics help us customize every tutorial to meet individual needs—making the most of time and maximizing learning. The ArborBridge advantage is up to 450% more effective than classroom environments at boosting students’ scores.

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Free Diagnostics

From an individual to an entire class, we run free SAT and ACT diagnostics for as many students as you like. We give detailed reports to counselors and their students so that they can improve upon strengths and weaknesses and map a plan of attack for the test that best suits their talents.

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We make sure counselors and families have unparalleled access to experts and the latest information concerning the ever-changing landscape of admission testing. We give you the information you need so that you’re always up to speed for your school and its students. Unique demands or challenges? Tell us your needs and we’ll also produce free webinars for your entire community on the dates and times of your choosing.

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Bryce Hubner


Bryce spent more than a decade in teaching and leadership roles at some of the nation’s top independent schools and sports academies. He uses his considerable experience to partner with schools and families around the world. Bryce is also a proud alumnus of Bates College, where he studied English.

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We are committed to providing educational professionals with the best tools to help their families navigate the college admission test process. Check out our collection of eBooks, blog posts, guides, and more—all curated just for you.

Why are we the perfect fit for boarding schools and sports academies?

Busy students connect with ArborBridge tutors from everywhere, all the time. Perhaps your campus is in a remote setting, or your student-athletes are constantly on the go: Our phenomenal tutors make themselves available around even the most challenging locations and schedules—all you need is an Internet connection.