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“ArborBridge equipped me with the skills necessary to dominate the ACT. My tutor, Benjamin, was able to pinpoint my individual weaknesses and recognize my strengths. By directing time and energy only where it was needed, he made the most out of our time together.”

Nick (ACT, +6 points)

“I decided on a short program with ArborBridge, doing rigorous work. When the test time came, I was very ready for my exam and extremely confident. I ended up 20 points higher than my dream score! Working with my tutor, Lisa, I really managed to target my weaknesses and overcome them.”

Faisal (SAT, +120 points)

“At first, I was a bit reluctant, but after my demo lesson I completely changed my mind. Sam’s personality and way of teaching made the lessons very fun as well as informative. He was very flexible to make things fit in my schedule and taught me exactly what I needed.”

André (ACT, +7 points)