AmandaHampshire College

    B.A. Communications, Hampshire College

    Years Experience

    Teaching & tutoring SAT/ACT, writing, and high school algebra since 2012.

    About Amanda

    Amanda received her B.A. in Communications from Hampshire College, a school designed to nurture hands-on learning. She focused on filmmaking and taught herself to write screenplays in lieu of a class offered on campus. Along with now working professionally in the film industry, Amanda has carried this capacity for learning into her second passion: teaching and tutoring.

    A lifelong lover of maths, brain teasers, and standardized tests, with high school years spent on the Math Team and Chess Club, Amanda has taught SAT and ACT classes on high school and college campuses throughout Los Angeles in addition to working with SAT and ACT students individually. Her rich liberal arts background allows her to equally support students who struggle with the humanities and with quantitative skills.

    As a tutor, Amanda seeks out each student’s most effective method of individual learning, and aspires to maximize the fun-to-productivity ratio for every session. Always her students’ biggest cheerleader, Amanda builds not only their academic skills but their self-confidence as well, strengthening their holistic portfolios so they can pursue their life’s passions as independent and capable thinkers.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Amanda recently helped an ACT student achieve a 10-point composite score increase.
    • Amanda herself scored in the 98th percentile on the ACT.

    Fun Facts

    • Amanda’s independently produced, written, and directed feature film had its world premiere at the renowned Hamptons International Film Festival
    • She is an award-winning digital painter, with journals and prints of her artwork available on Amazon.