B.S. Finance, University of Florida
    B.S. Psychology, University of Florida

    Years Experience

    Teaching and tutoring the LSAT since 2017.

    About Evan

    Evan double majored in Finance and Psychology at the University of Florida before gaining admittance to New York University Law School, where he is currently enrolled. Evan has ample experience teaching the LSAT and has tutored over nine satisfied students in their quest for a perfect LSAT Score! Evan loves music and sports, played Varsity baseball in high school, is a die hard Philly sports fan, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Evan graduated Cum Laude in Finance and Psychology from the University of Florida.
    • He is the record holder for the 50 Yard Dash at Camp Nock A Mixon.

    Fun Facts

    • Evan lived in Barcelona for 4 months.
    • He is the proud owner of 4 fish.