RyanUniversity of California, Los Angeles

    B.A. University of California, Los Angeles

    Years Experience

    Tutoring the SAT and ACT since 2012.

    About Ryan

    Ryan Yoo has eight years of rich tutoring experience in every setting imaginable. In high school, Ryan achieved a 99th percentile score on the SAT and went on to attend the University of California, Los Angeles with a full-tuition scholarship from the Posse Foundation. He dived into the standardized testing field as a college freshman and hasn’t looked back since.

    Ryan has taught in all sorts of settings—private lessons, small groups, entire classrooms, small cell phone screens—with students from all sorts of backgrounds. His students have gone on to attend the most prestigious universities. As a tutor, Ryan works equally well with vocal students and shy ones, accommodating their preferred paces and conversational styles as needed for their goals. He excels in tailoring individualized strategies that work for each student’s unique talents and abilities.

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Ryan attended UCLA on a full-tuition scholarship, thanks in part to his perfect score on the SAT Writing section.
    • He has focused on SAT and ACT tutoring since his freshman year of college, working with over 400 students.

    Fun Facts

    • Ryan really likes turtles.
    • He also really likes ice cream.