Tufts University
9 years experience


Colton started tutoring during his off-seasons as a wildland firefighter. He quickly discovered that despite his passion for the rugged outdoors, his true talents lie in academics. Now, all these years later, he’s helped hundreds of students succeed, including multiple scores of 1500+ on the SAT and 35+ (even perfect 36) on the ACT. These victories come in part from Colton’s depth of experience: he’s written test prep curriculum, designed programs, and meticulously analyzed countless past exams.

Colton graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 2008. As a National Merit Finalist with a 99th percentile SAT score, he was eager to trade his small hometown for broader horizons. After a brief stint as an engineer, he transferred into Tufts University’s International Relations program, graduating with a sub-focus in International Finance.

Students feel empowered by Colton’s meta-game approach to standardized test taking. He doesn’t just show students the correct answer to this question; he coaches them to exploit patterns that reveal points that will be hidden in the next question—and the next, and the next. His students learn not only core concepts but also when and where to apply them. Colton strives to be a trusted guide through intimidating terrain.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Colton’s students have been accepted into many elite universities, including Cornell, Brown, Harvard, Tufts, and UC Berkeley.
  • Colton has 3000+ hours of tutoring experience.

Fun Facts

  • Colton has traveled to over a dozen countries across 5 continents.
  • Colton spent 5 years working summers as a wildland firefighter and spending winters snowboarding in Salt Lake City, UT.

Areas of Expertise

  • ACT