B.S. Yale University; B.A. Yale University; M.Phil. University of Cambridge; Ph.D. University of Cambridge (in progress)
9 years experience


A graduate of Yale and the University of Cambridge, where she is currently completing her Ph.D., Emma has been tutoring for over 7 years. She has worked with students on subjects ranging from the SAT and ACT to Calculus to Italian, with large amounts of experience in both one-on-one and classroom settings. Emma has seen a number of her students make incredible score improvements, including one student who achieved a 14 point increase on the ACT for a final score of 31. Many of Emma’s students have been admitted to their top-choice universities and have been awarded numerous scholarships.

Teaching has always been an important part of Emma’s life. This year, she is completing a formal teaching certification programme at Cambridge, which she hopes will help prepare her for an eventual career as a university professor. Emma’s favourite parts of teaching are helping students find their confidence and playing a part in helping them achieve their life goals!

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • One of Emma’s most recent SAT students raised her score 150 points to hit the 99th percentile.
  • Emma is a Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Fun Facts

  • Emma’s favorite rainy day activity is karaoke.
  • Emma studied monkeys for two summers in college.

Areas of Expertise

  • ACT