Los Angeles


B.A. Oberlin College
9 years experience


Luke majored in Neuroscience and minored in Linguistics at Oberlin College, where he benefited from rigorous exposure to the humanities and physical sciences. He also attended multiple primary schools with contrasting pedagogies: from an alternative pilot elementary school to an exacting test-in middle school to a small democratically run program within his high school, these early experiences helped define his agile approach to education. 

Since graduating, Luke has had extensive tutoring experience, helping hundreds of test preparation students to reach their score goals. He has tutored full-time in Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles, including teaching classroom programs for up to thirty students at a time. His experience is reflected in the broad range of subjects and students he has taught: he is comfortable teaching a multitude of standardized tests and most academic subjects, as well as working with students from elementary school to college. His work developing test preparation curricula has lent him a special perspective on instruction for standardized tests. As one of a small, hand-selected team of ArborBridge Coaches, Luke empowers his students to achieve their goals through individualized work in executive functioning, test-taking foundations, and testing mindset strategies.

Luke aims to model patience in all endeavors and encourages his students to embrace frustration as integral to any healthy learning experience. He focuses on why and how a student might be struggling to understand a concept rather than simply addressing what is misunderstood, empowering students with diverse learning styles and academic distinctions to develop their own tools for success. Parent feedback has consistently noted that Luke strives to be compassionate and to accommodate his students’ unique experiences during and outside of class time. 

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • One of Luke’s students increased their ACT score from 29 to 34 and gained admission to Yale.
  • Luke helped a science-averse student apply their reading comprehension talents to the ACT science section, raising their score from 26 to 33.

Fun Facts

  • In his free time, Luke enjoys checking off national parks from his must-visit list.
  • Luke can tell you all about every English monarch from the dark ages to the renaissance.

Areas of Expertise

  • ACT
  • GMAT
  • Math