Merrick, NY


B.Sc. Cornell University
3 years experience


With 2000+ classroom hours as a Chemistry teacher and years of experience tutoring students in a variety of subjects, Rich brings expertise, enthusiasm, and understanding of individual students’ needs to his programs. Whether he’s helping students prep for the SAT, ACT, AP Chemistry exam, or AP Biology exam, Rich guides students to perform at their true potential. Beyond test prep, Rich has a keen ability to empower students to become effective and successful lifelong learners.

Rich is a former Division I rower and graduate of Cornell University, and he has real-world experience in the application of hard sciences, spending a year spearheading a NASA grant based on determining the effect of microgravity on bone structure. After scoring in the 99th percentile on the MCAT, Rich will be attending New York Medical College in the Fall of 2022.

In his free time, Rich enjoys volunteering as an EMT, weightlifting, and reading non-fiction (especially anything by Malcolm Gladwell or Atul Gawande).

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Rich received the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Scholarship for Outstanding Scholarship and Leadership at Cornell University.
  • Rich ran a sub-5 mile and deadlifted 585 pounds in the same week.

Fun Facts

  • Rich has only ever traveled to one other country: China.
  • Rich didn’t learn how to ride a bike until he was 18, and since then, he’s ridden 7 centuries (100-mile rides).

Areas of Expertise

  • Biology
  • Chemistry