Now that 2017 has officially come to a close, we decided to take a moment to review some of the most important articles that we published last year. Throughout 2017, we shared timely news stories in the world of test prep, helpful tips to solve common weaknesses on the ACT, and discussions about our overall outlook and pedagogy.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 blog posts from 2017. Stay tuned this year for even more content!

#1: The ArborBridge Approach to Testing Anxiety

In this post, Eleanor Sharp tackles one of the most common issues that our students face: testing anxiety. She not only discusses its causes and effects but also explains how ArborBridge tutors work with their students to manage their anxiety and perform at their best on test day.

#2: ArborBridge’s Breaking Barriers Series

In this four-part series, Jodie Westerman talks about four common psychological barriers to learning and how students can overcome them. This series is a must for “students” aged 8 to 80!

Part 1: Overcoming Disappointments

Part 2: Overcoming Test Anxiety

Part 3: Overcoming Subject-Specific Bias

Part 4: Finding your Flow

#3: How To Finish Sections on Time on the ACT

Part of our ongoing ACT Student Weaknesses blog series, this post gives an overview of how students can maximize their ACT scores by managing their time throughout each section of the exam properly.

#4: ACT Announces Change to Accommodation Policy

This year was a busy one for test prep news. In this post, Dr. Megan Stubbendeck delves into important changes that the ACT made to its policy for students receiving extra time.

#5: Escaping the Error Wheel

We’ve all said “that was such a silly mistake!” In this post, Owen talks about how students can stop the cycle of careless errors and maximize their scores.