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When should I take the test? Should I take a section retest? What about paper-and-pencil vs. computer-based testing?

Today’s ACT comes with a lot of options. We’ll answer all your questions and empower you to pick the right path.

Enjoy your tutoring

It’s our mission to make ACT prep as easy and painless as possible. We’ll match you with a world-class online tutor (who you actually like to work with). They’ll be a cheerleader, friend, and mentor every step of the way.

Cutting-edge lessons

You’ll get a set of customized, digital lessons made just for you. We use a sophisticated algorithm to analyze your performance and effectively target your weaknesses, so you can boost your scores where it matters most.

Real-time, transparent updates

Track your tutoring with our online dashboard, where you can view notes from your tutor after every lesson and measure your progress with easy-to-read digital reports.

The proof is in the numbers

9 out of 10 ArborBridge students score in the top 5% of ACT testers worldwide. We’ll help you reach your personal best.

Computer-Based ACT

As the ACT migrates to a computer-based format, we have developed our own curriculum designed to help students comprehend both the content and nuances of the new format. Our insights on the new format can be found in our library.

Students and families trust ArborBridge.


I see Paul as the final piece to my college application puzzle. Not only did we get along immediately thanks to his sense of humor, but his strategic cleverness and vast knowledge were invaluable in helping me conquer the ACT Math and Science sections. He helped me gain entrance to Harvard University, which not long ago was a distant dream.

Isabela, Brazil

After trying many different methods of ACT tutoring, it was such a relief to have a directed and guided method of preparation. Thank you, ArborBridge!

Ashley, USA

The tutors and support at ArborBridge were invaluable to the success of my son’s ACT prep work. The one-on-one guidance worked well with his busy schedule. In addition, the tutors helped him decide which test he would be most successful taking, and were instrumental in focusing his tutoring time on the areas where he needed the most help. We will definitely be using ArborBridge for our other children.

Kelley, USA

ACT resource library

What’s new with the ACT? Stay up to date with free resources from our library.


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