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Meet Isabela. With ArborBridge, she scored in the 99th percentile of the ACT and made her way into Harvard University.

Isabela V.


“I see Paul as the final piece to my college application puzzle—and it was a perfect fit. Not only did we get along immediately thanks to his jovial personality and sense of humor, but his strategic cleverness and vast mathematical knowledge were invaluable in helping me conquer the ACT Math and Science sections, which were the most challenging. Lessons were personalized, and his flexible schedule allowed for optimized learning. Really, I could not have asked for a better tutor and tutoring program. His dedication and commitment have helped me gain entrance to Harvard University, which not long ago was a distant dream.”

-Isabela, Harvard University Class of 2019


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Armed with sophisticated analytics, our expert advisors create a custom SAT or ACT program tailored to your specific needs, schedule, and learning style.

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