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We’re ready for the new SAT. With over 300 lessons for the digital exam, thousands of practice questions, an online testing platform, and our experienced advisors—you’ll have everything you need to navigate the transition and excel.

It’s a team effort

Preparing for the SAT is stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll have a world-class tutor and dedicated client services director on your team to help you through every step of the process.

We’ve got SAT prep down to a science

Our data-driven algorithm analyzes your performance to determine exactly which skills you need to master for the biggest impact. Then we create personalized lessons to meet you right where you are.

Real-time, transparent updates

Want to track your latest progress? Log into your student dashboard at any time to access your tutoring schedule, lesson summaries, and easy-to-read digital reports.

The proof is in the numbers

9 out of 10 ArborBridge SAT students score in the top 5% of test-takers worldwide.

Get PSAT help, too

Need help preparing for the PSAT? Our SAT curriculum covers all you need for the PSAT. You can prep for the PSAT first and have a leg up when it comes time for SAT.

Students and families trust ArborBridge for SAT prep


Part of what made my SAT work with ArborBridge a success was the flexibility that my tutor Rose was able to offer. She understood that I was playing a varsity sport, participating in a musical, and taking a full IB course load. Rose was able to schedule our lessons around my busy schedule and make sure that I was being productive on our off-days.

Jacob, USA

Working with an SAT tutor from ArborBridge really allowed me to build my confidence with the test without feeling so much stress and pressure,which is something different from other classes. It gave it a personal feel.

Marina, Germany

I can’t say enough about the ArborBridge experience. My twins scored in the low 1300s on their diagnostics. They wanted to score in the 1500s on the real thing. Lo and behold, a few months later, my twins rang up a 1570 and 1580 on their SATs. Needless to say, I highly recommend ArborBridge for any child who is serious about improvement and any parent who is looking for a seamless process.

Jane, USA

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