Belgium is very good at presenting itself to the world. When your native assets include chocolate, waffles, James Ensor, and beer brewed by monks, you don’t need to try very hard. In fact, you’d wonder why anyone would ever leave.

Then again, Belgium is an incredibly cosmopolitan country, in part because the European Union and NATO are both based in Brussels. As a result, students in Belgium—both natives and expatriates—frequently look abroad when they apply to university.

I recently attended Brussels College Night, sponsored by Fulbright Belgium and hosted by the International School of Brussels. It’s the biggest US-oriented college fair in Belgium, designed to introduce students to American colleges and the American application process.

The Fulbright staff recorded this video for their library of resources for prospective applicants. Fortunately, I was not high on chocolate at the time. So, I was more than happy to discuss standardized testing and the benefits of an ArborBridge’s revolutionary approach to test preparation. I think it’s a pretty good summary, and I hope it’s helpful to all international students—Belgians and everyone else alike—who are looking forward to conquering the SAT and ACT. Unfortunately, waffles are not included.