This week we are taking a look at Style Questions on the Redesigned SAT Writing Section.

What does this question look like?

These questions will ask a student to select a word, phrase, or sentence that best matches the style of the passage as a whole.


Screenshot (3)

How often does this question appear?

There are approximately 5–7 Style Questions (14% of the section).

How does this compare to the current SAT?

The redesigned SAT Writing section looks more like the ACT English test than the current SAT Writing section. Gone is the single, standalone diction question in a sea of grammar and mechanics questions. Now, students must choose their words carefully to match the tone, meaning, and voice of a passage.

What does this mean for students?

Rhetoric and style questions are less formulaic than usage and mechanics questions. While many students may take naturally to this question-type, others who prefer to memorize and apply grammar rules will likely struggle more. If you have not already done so, be sure to take a redesigned SAT practice test to determine your personal areas of strength and weakness. If you find that style questions are, well, not your style, try working with a tutor to strengthen your rhetorical skills.

Will this question be on the PSAT?

Yes. Every PSAT will include a Writing section. Style Questions will make up approximately 14% of this section.