Info Hub: ACT computer-based test

The key to studying for the computer-based ACT

The computer-based test is a whole new experience. It means students need to adjust their strategies, learn new tools, and change their approach. The best way to master these changes is to establish a clear study plan that addresses the test’s updated structure.

Learn more about how to study for the test in this blog post.

Exam comparison: ACT paper vs. computer

As more students take the computer-based test — especially with an expected US launch on the horizon — it is important that they understand the differences between the paper and computer tests.

Our expert tutors compare the exams in this blog.

Learn more about our computer-based curriculum

Get the inside scoop on ArborBridge’s curriculum. We’ve designed an entire set of lessons specifically for the computer-based ACT.

We address the key challenges and how students can prepare for them! Learn more here.

The 4 best CBT tools to use on the computer-based ACT

One significant advantage of the ACT’s computer-based test is the addition of on-screen tools meant to help students work more effectively during the test.

In this blog post, we provide an overview of these tools and how to use them on the test.  Learn more here.

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