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Using our data-driven, adaptive curriculum, ArborBridge tutors ensure that you only spend time learning the concepts that increase your score the most.
Meet Nestor. He raised his SAT score by over 300 points and gained entrance to Stanford University.
Starting Score: 1710  |  Final Score: 2050  |  Point Increase: +340 points

“Working with Sam last year has been an immensely rewarding experience. His flexibility and quick adaptations allowed me to always make the most out of my lessons, even on a tight boarding school schedule. The 340-point SAT composite increase is the result of highly personalized classes and Sam’s unique skill in delivering the content in the way that best fits the student’s style of learning.”

-Nestor, Stanford University Class of 2020


Expert tutors bring our curriculum to life.









Student: Paulina
Exam: ACT
Starting Score: 22
Final Score: 33 (+11 points)

Student: Nick
Exam: ACT
Starting Score: 25
Final Score: 33 (+8 points)

Student: Talal
Exam: SAT Math Subject Test
Starting Score: 640
Final Score: 800 (a perfect score!)

Student: Marco
Exam: ACT
Starting Score: 22
Final Score: 36 (+14 points)

Scientifically-designed using four scientific pedagogical principles.

When we set out to build our proprietary curriculum, we completely threw out the old model of test prep. With over 30 years of combined experience working with students, our Department of Instruction came up with the four pedagogical principles that are necessary for student success on the SAT or ACT.


We believe students must successfully solve a problem 3-5 times before they have truly mastered a concept. A student needs to be able to make a mistake, learn how to correct that mistake, and then do the problem again. That’s why our curriculum features an industry-leading number of practice questions, so students never miss an opportunity to perfect a skill.


We broke every concept on the SAT or ACT down into multiple lessons, each of which stands on its own, so we can focus only on what a student doesn’t understand and give them plenty of practice for specific areas of weakness.


Scaffolding allows us to start a student at the exact level at which they are currently performing. We then use our proprietary algorithm to select the lessons a student needs to address weaknesses and the order in which they should be taught. No matter what skills a student needs the most work on, ArborBridge has the solution.


Every single lesson builds a bridge between the underlying academic principles and the SAT or ACT strategies. This provides a student with the exact tools he or she needs while also making for the most efficient tutoring.

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Targeted lessons + better diagnostics = fast, efficient learning.

Every student begins with a diagnostic exam.

We use a student’s diagnostic exam to identify starting score and ability. We can then use the diagnostic to identify testing issues (e.g. test fatigue or anxiety), what question types the student struggles with, and exactly what skills the student needs the most help with. Why is this so important? All of these elements are critical in generating the most effective and adaptive program for each individual student to optimize his or her time to achieve the highest possible score.

Check out a sample diagnostic ACT score report

Every question and answer choice is a piece of the puzzle to your program.

What sets ArborBridge apart from other test prep companies is our ability to completely customize each and every student’s program. We’ll use this sample ACT English question to demonstrate how we break down a diagnostic test to create a student’s lesson plan.

Which answer choice is correct? Find out below.

You are correct!
Great job!
You need to review the inclusion of unnecessary commas.
This is tested several times on every ACT exam. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Punctuation Core 1. Unnecessary Commas, perhaps followed up by our six additional comprehensive Comma lessons. Because of the importance of this lesson, it will be covered by every student preparing for the ACT.
You need to study how to avoid creating fragments.
You are creating a third sentence that is a fragment with no active verb. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Sentence Structure Skill 4. Fragments – Prepositional Phrase. This lesson would only be covered by the highest level students because it doesn’t come up as often on actual exams.
You need to practice the appropriate use of semicolons to connect two independent phrases.
Semicolons are tested regularly on every exam. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Punctuation Core 2. Semicolons. Because of the importance of this lesson, it will be covered by every student preparing for the ACT.

“ArborBridge was truly a significant factor in my road to being accepted to my dream university. The hours spent together with my tutor Jodie systemized the preparation process for the SAT and exposed me to various uncharted strategies and techniques, which facilitated towards a constant improvement in the overall score. Also, I would like to express my gratitude for Jodie, who created a very warm, but motivating learning environment during our lessons and was always thorough and clear while not only correcting my mistakes, but making sure I have developed the important skills not to repeat them.”

– Povilas K., Lithuania
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020