Our amazing tutors help you prep smarter, not harder.

Using our data-driven, adaptive curriculum, ArborBridge tutors ensure that you only spend time learning the concepts that increase your score most.

“The lessons that I had with ArborBridge were very efficient and well-planned. Each lesson targets a specific area in one or two of the ACT sections, allowing me to improve quickly in every ACT section. My tutor, Lisa, was really friendly and enthusiastic about tutoring. She would answer all my questions in a manner that was very understandable. My composite score went up by 4 points, and my English score improved by 8 points—something that I never thought I would be able to do. Tutoring through Skype is not a hindrance, and I would recommend ArborBridge to anyone who will be taking the ACT.”

Katrina L., Hong Kong (+4 pts, Final ACT Score: 33)

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Expert tutors bring our curriculum to life.

Tutors are trained to implement our proprietary curriculum in the most interactive way possible. We demand that our tutors be articulate and energetic in order to guarantee an engaging, productive lesson each and every time.

Our curriculum is designed using four pedagogical principles.


No student is bored with material that is too easy or discouraged by material that is too hard. Scaffolding allows us to start a student a precise difficulty level—our proprietary algorithm identifies where a student is performing for each specific concept.


Every concept on the SAT or ACT is broken down into multiple highly-targeted lessons in our modular curriculum. Lessons complement others but also stand on their own. As a result, students waste no time covering the material they already know.


Every single lesson builds a bridge between the underlying academic principles and the SAT or ACT strategies. This ensures the student both fully understands the academic concept at hand and gets the test question correct.


We believe students must successfully solve a problem 3–5 times before they have truly mastered a concept. Our curriculum features an industry-leading number of practice questions, so students never miss an opportunity to learn to apply the right skills and correct mistakes.

Every question and answer choice is a piece of the
puzzle to your perfect program.

If you chose A

You are correct! Great job.

If you chose B

You need to review the inclusion of unnecessary commas. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Punctuation Core 1. Unnecessary Commas, perhaps following up by our six additional comprehensive Comma lessons.

If you chose C

You need to study how to avoid creating fragments. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Sentence Structure Skill 4. Fragments–Prepositional Phrase.

If you chose D

You need to practice the appropriate use of semicolons to connect two independent phrases. Semicolons are tested regularly on every exam. You would use ArborBridge ACT Lesson Punctuation Core 2. Semicolons.

“Jay is arguably one of the best tutors that I’ve encountered thus far. He is incredibly bright and dedicated, and I appreciate the amount of care and effort that he has put into each and every one of our lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and appreciate the help that he has given me.”

Houston L., Hong Kong (AP)

“I had an amazing experience with my tutor, Lisa, as she was extremely helpful in assisting me in achieving my final SAT score. Not only was Lisa a great person to work with, she knew the best approach to take when teaching me at my level and personal learning style. Lisa was also very patient and ensured I left each lesson feeling confident on what I learned.”

Rania L., USA (SAT)

“Josh was an amazing tutor to work with. He helped me boost my ACT score from a 31 to a 35 in under two months. His lessons were engaging and his positive attitude was very motivational. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this score without Josh or ArborBridge.”

Dalia L., UK (ACT)