Students from over 50 countries have worked with ArborBridge tutors to gain admission to top American universities.

“John is an energetic, wonderful and lively tutor. He is by far the BEST teacher I had ever come across. He is a result-oriented tutor and is a go-to guy during your time of distress. His techniques are amazing. They are based on logic rather than perception. He always emphasizes the notion ‘provide your answer with evidence from the passage.’ John has helped me get 36 out of 36 on the Science section of the ACT. The way he plans for the session is just unbelievable and brilliant. I would strongly recommend John to my peers who are planning to go abroad for pursuing their studies.”

Sriram S., India (+9 pts, Final ACT Score: 32)

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Bruce Hubner

Bates College


Erica Sin

University of California, Los Angeles


Laura Clark

University of Kansas


Nicole Newquist

University of Colorado, Boulder

Students from 50+ countries around the world trust ArborBridge

ArborBridge’s proprietary curriculum features an entire section devoted to students whose second language is English. We have over 470 lessons addressing ALL areas of content on the exam, not just common American weaknesses.


ArborBridge’s curriculum not only accommodates AP/IB/A-Level students but also students from schools where English is not the primary language of instruction.


Our tutors are located all over the world, and our online platform allows us to match any student’s schedule.


We only hire elite tutors who have scored in the highest percentiles on the exams they teach and also possess years of professional teaching/tutoring experience.

English as a Second Language

Students begin with an adaptive quiz to gauge starting level, then targeted lessons allow them to absorb material and translate it to the test.

Let us show you why so many international students choose to work with ArborBridge tutors for their SAT and ACT prep.