Students from 53 countries have worked with ArborBridge tutors to maximize their SAT or ACT scores and gain admission to top American universities.

Talk with an advisor from ArborBridge who specializes in helping international students. 

Meet Allegra. She raised her SAT score over 300 points and is now enrolled in Columbia University.
Starting Score: 1950  |  Final Score: 2270  |  Point Increase: +320 points

“Working with Josh really helped me improve my scores and techniques, making sure I got to my exam prepared and confident. I learned many very useful tricks and how to properly approach problems. Throughout my tutoring I saw great improvements in my practice test scores and then even on my actual SAT exam. The help I got from ArborBridge and Josh was extremely valuable!”

-Allegra, Columbia University Class of 2020


Meet our dedicated International Student Advisors

Erica Sin


Erica graduated with her B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. A year studying abroad in the UK exposed her to the breadth of cultures and backgrounds in the world and helped develop a desire to learn even more about them. This curiosity is now coupled with almost a decade of experience working in test preparation, helping Erica personalize the ideal preparation programs for students of all educational and cultural backgrounds.

Peter Kaufman


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Peter graduated with distinction from Yale University’s prestigious Theater Arts program. Before becoming a program director, Peter worked as one of ArborBridge’s full-time tutors, teaching SAT, ACT and advanced mathematics and has worked with students from London to Tokyo. Nowadays he focuses on educating students, parents and counselors alike by delivering in person presentations in South and Southeast Asia.

Bryce Hubner


Bryce spent more than a decade in teaching and leadership roles at some of the nation’s top independent schools, having worked directly with international students from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He uses his considerable experience to partner with counselors and families around the world. Bryce is also a proud alumnus of Bates College, where he studied English and wrote his undergraduate thesis on James Joyce’s Dubliners.

  • ArborBridge not only accommodates IB/AP/A-Level students, but also students who attend schools where instruction does not occur in English.
  • The curriculum is made up of 450 lessons addressing ALL areas of content on the exam, not just common American weaknesses.
  • Our diagnostic exam pinpoints exactly what a student needs to review, providing the most customized lesson plan for each student.
  • ArborBridge hires the best tutors in the world, having not only the highest scores, but also years of experience.
  • So far we have tutored students from 50+ countries.
  • Our team travels extensively; it’s very likely we’ve visited your country and/or have given a presentation at your school.
  • ArborBridge’s online platform provides tutors with the ability to meet the needs of any international student’s schedule.
  • Therefore, international students are never hindered by geographic location and are always able to progress through the lesson plan on the schedule that suits them best.
English as a Second Language
  • ArborBridge curriculum includes an entire section devoted to ESL students (scoring 65-96 on TOEFL).
  • Every international student takes an adaptive quiz to gauge his or her starting level.
  • Lessons focus on teaching concepts at the international student’s starting level, allowing them to absorb the material and translate it to the test.
  • Vocabulary is taught through activities, videos, and reading words in context.

Let us show you why so many international students choose ArborBridge tutors for their SAT and ACT prep.