ISEE & SSAT Preparation

We understand how stressful the school application process can be, and we want you to focus on the most important aspect of admissions: finding the right school. Our team of experts is here to demystify the ISEE and SSAT, calm your nerves, and help your child unlock his or her full potential on the exam.



Before meeting with an instructor, students take a full-length diagnostic ISEE or SSAT test. The results of the diagnostic test are analyzed and made into a score report that allows our tutors to pinpoint students’ unique strengths and weaknesses.



Our curriculum language is clear, concise, and always breaks down strategies into accessible steps. Programs incorporate regular practice tests and analyses, comprehensive course books, games, and technology to make our one-to-one programs a personalized and effective learning experience for each student.



No two student programs are alike. Using the analysis from the diagnostic exam, we determine exactly which skills a student needs to improve on. We then break down each skill to create a solid foundation and ensure the student understands how it applies to the exam before moving on.

Have questions about the ISEE exam? We have the answers.

  • We used ArborBridge for my sons preparation for the ISEE. We were a little late to the game in that we did not engage until the week before his test was scheduled. ArborBridge custom-designed a program for the day before my son was to take his test. The program they put together was quite effective and helped my son immensely. He scored extremely high in all of the tested areas and in particular was in the 99th percentile in math. I would recommend ArborBridge for tutoring for either general skills or standardized testing.

    James C., Father of Michael
    James C., Father of Michael 5th Grader at High Peaks Elementary
  • Jordan's ISEE results were outstanding! 7,8,9,9! Our objective was to prepare her so that she could realize her full potential and, with Kelsey’s assistance, we accomplished that in spades! She went into the test confident and relaxed. The time you spent with me to find the right match was invaluable. Kelsey's time with Jordan was super efficient and effective!

    Nancy H., mother of Jordan
    Nancy H., mother of Jordan 6th Grader at Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles
  • I am writing to let you know how pleased we were with Troy's tutoring. After the initial ISEE practice test, we knew we had a lot of catching up to do. Not only did we need to reinforce what she had learned, we needed to teach her higher level math principles in a very short time. In just about a month, Troy was able to teach our daughter valuable skills for taking the ISEE as well as increase her level of knowledge in math. Our daughter scored in the top quartile across the board. While we have not yet received our acceptance letters, we feel Troy gave our daughter the edge she needed to deliver strong test results. Troy was professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Lana C., Mother of Chanse
    Lana C., Mother of Chanse 6th grader at Laurel Hall
  • I was fortunate to find ArborBridge through a referral last summer. We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter prepare for the ISEE exam. My initial conversation was with Matt Steiner. He was so helpful and supportive from the beginning. After hearing about what we were looking for, Matt spent a significant amount of time asking questions about our daughter. He wanted to make sure to find the tutor that was most compatible with her. We were lucky enough to be introduced to our ArborBridge tutor, Cameron. From everything Matt told us about him, he sounded like the perfect match for our daughter's personality. From the very beginning, Cameron has been extremely diligent, kind, and generous with his time. For each lesson, he gives 100% of his effort and it is apparent how much he enjoys tutoring and working with kids. Our daughter has learned so much from Cameron in terms of study habits, time management, and organization. Most important though is Cameron's positive attitude and teaching our daughter to always believe in herself. That kind of teaching is special and so valuable. We have felt complete support from day 1 from both Matt and Cameron, so much so that we decided to continue with regular tutoring for the remaining school year. We are confident that our daughter is in good hands. Thank you Matt and Cameron!

    Jeannie M., Mother of Mia 7th Grader at Crestview Prep
  • We are midway through a series of tutoring sessions to prepare the kids for the ISEE exams. I'm quite impressed that the kids are learning such effective study habits but I also feel like a horrible mother because I'm making them give up weekend time to do it. Well, just the other day my son asked me what the Saturday schedule was and when I told him that his tutor would be coming for ISEE prep at noon he said, "Yay, I love tutoring!" My daughter agreed, she loves it too. On what planet do two middle school kids love academics on a Saturday? Our tutor is simply magical.

    Jessica G., Mother of Jane and Alexander
    Jessica G., Mother of Jane and Alexander 6th and 8th Graders at Wesley School
  • Matching the right tutor with our son was key. ArborBridge has made a tremendous difference for him  in terms of his math confidence. Matt has a spectacular ability to get to know a student , understand what his potential is and find just the right answer to unlock it! Nick was a perfect fit! Our son's math grade is an A! And, he just found out he’s going to Harvard Westlake in the fall. Thank you, ArborBridge!

    Susan K., Mother of Jeffery
    Susan K., Mother of Jeffery 8th grader at Mirman School
  • We had no idea what the ISEE entailed or how to go about preparing for the test, so we turned to ArborBridge for guidance. Gilli was wonderful and made test prep a breeze for my child. The one-to-one attention turned out to be very efficient use of my child’s time, and Gilli even came to our house for the sessions (and was always punctual)! Her flexibility for rescheduling was a blessing as well, as open houses/school events would randomly appear sometimes at weeks’ notice. Gilli also gives very clear explanations and connected very well with my child. Whereas my friends’ children were spending 4+ hours a week on group classes, we only needed one hour sessions every so often because the instruction was tailored to address my child’s individual needs. I would often wonder whether my child was working hard enough for the test, as it mostly seemed my child was hardly working at all. My child was able to continue all of their usual extracurricular activities throughout the process, and test prep never interfered with school/other work. ArborBridge also sets up mock tests, which was very helpful for my child to figure out time management issues for the test. In the end, my child aced the test without sacrificing usual activities. We would definitely highly recommend Gilli as a tutor. She is truly outstanding. Thank you, ArborBridge!

    Anonymous Parent of 6th Grader