What makes your perfect tutor?

At ArborBridge, we find you a tutor:

  • Able to adjust to your unique learning needs.

  • Available when you need them.

  • Trained to teach you what’s most impactful for your score.

  • Personable and engaging, so you enjoy your session and are motivated to work hard.

What information do we use to make the right match?

Starting Score and Goal Score

Learning Styles


Personality, Interests, Hobbies

Academic History

Learning Differences

How do we get to know you?

We use a combination of ways to gather all the information we need to make the perfect match.

Diagnostic Exams

The tests you take before your program tell us where you’re starting from and which skills your tutor needs to be an expert in.

Intake Conversations

The conversations we have with parents and students help us get to know who you really are and the learning environment you thrive in.

Counselor Conversations

We can also talk with your counselor or other professionals you work with to learn even more about your unique needs.

What happens if we don’t get it right?

  • We offer free demos with your tutor match to make sure it’s perfect.

  • We check in regularly to ensure you are happy with your progress.

  • Our staff always listens if you want something different in a program—including a new tutor.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of your program.

Students and Families Trust ArborBridge


My tutor was amazing! He expertly guided me through techniques for taking the ACT all while being friendly and funny. I didn’t feel like he was a teacher—more like a friend who was just really smart.

Ethan, student

Our ArborBridge tutor was not only academically supportive, but emotionally supportive as well during an extremely stressful period for my son. She is the single best tutor we have ever had in our family over many, many years and multiple children.

Steven, parent

My ArborBridge tutor was not only a great teacher, but also extremely patient, encouraging, and kind. He went through each lesson thoroughly and was willing to teach a lesson again if I required. I could not have asked for a better tutor, and can confidently say that each one of his students is extremely lucky to have a mentor like him!

Rhea, student