The Woodlands, TX


B.S. Rice University
9 years experience


Long before graduating cum laude from Rice University with a degree in Chemical Physics, Buddy had been fascinated with Math and Physics as a child. Reading books on Relativity and Black Holes, he co-founded his high school’s Physics Club. In high school, he scored an 800 on the SAT Math section, was a National Merit Scholar, and earned 5s on his AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics exams. As a tutor, he has guided multiple students to perfect SAT Math and SAT Math Subject Test scores. His students have gone on to attend schools like Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Dartmouth.

Buddy approaches his tutoring from the ground up. He understands that nobody is born with an inherent knowledge of Calculus or Physics, but rather it is something that must be taught. He guides his students to take something outside of their current “sphere of knowledge” and shows them how to bring it in. He does this by emphasizing a deep understanding of material vs. endless memorizing of formulas.

When Buddy isn’t tutoring, he is recording music. He plays guitar and bass, as well as singing and writing lyrics. He writes folk rock music your dad would probably like, but you secretly like, too.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Buddy scored 800 on the SAT Math section.
  • Buddy’s students have accelerated through Calc 3 in high school.

Fun Facts

  • Buddy plays guitar and bass and produces his own music.
  • Buddy has acted in Theatre in Los Angeles.

Areas of Expertise

  • Calculus
  • Math
  • Physics