B.S. Wayne State University; M.S. University of Maryland College Park
8 years experience


Courtney is a career biologist with a BS in chemistry from Wayne State University and a MS in chemistry from University of Maryland.

She has been teaching and tutoring in some capacity since middle school, spanning from elementary math, high school calculus, general chemistry, and Spanish, to undergraduate level organic and general chemistry, and finally to SAT/ACT prep. She thrives in an open, collaborative environment with students who are willing to communicate their needs and ask questions. Courtney has brought many students from failing their chemistry class to earning a B, or from low 1100 SAT scores up to around 1400 in just a few weeks. Courtney has a unique perspective on the ACT science section and often students’ scores improve 6 or more points under her instruction. 

Courtney is warm and lighthearted, helping students feel at ease and receptive to learning difficult concepts. She is persistent in explaining things in different ways until students feel more confidence, and she is encouraging when working through practice problems to bolster confidence in all her students.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Courtney has helped multiple students improve chemistry grades by 2+ letter grades.
  • Courtney is a first generation college student and is still the only one in her family to have a graduate degree.

Fun Facts

  • Courtney has three very different dogs: a cockapoo, a husky, and a lab/pit mix.
  • Courtney had a boating license before she learned how to drive a car.

Areas of Expertise

  • ACT
  • Chemistry