Ilion, NY


B.S. University at Buffalo
4 years experience


Educated at the University at Buffalo, Nate graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biochemistry. He has tutored hundreds of students in many academic disciplines and has a strong passion for test prep. Nate is a lifelong learner: he was the first-ever student in his high school to take AP Calculus, he received top scores on all of his AP exams, and he won multiple awards for his dedication to community service. While in high school, he also achieved a 99th-percentile SAT score.

Nate began working as a tutor in college as a way to help his friends gain an appreciation for their studies. He has since spent several years tutoring professionally. Nate molds his methodologies to reflect the needs of each student, while employing the Socratic method to help each lesson truly sink in. His unique blend of humor and empathy create a comfortable learning environment where no question is too small and his students receive the support they need in order to perform their best on test day. Dozens of Nate’s students have exceeded their goal ACT/SAT scores and received acceptance into top-ranked universities.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Nate has helped multiple SAT students increase their Math scores and Reading & Writing scores by 300 points.
  • Four of Nate’s students have attended Ivy League universities.

Fun Facts

  • Nate has visited 30 countries.
  • Nate learned Russian in 8 weeks after losing a March Madness bet in high school.

Areas of Expertise

  • ACT